Holcombe Moor Heritage Group

Lidar Maps


LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a method using light, in the form of lasers fired from aircraft, to generate precise, three dimensional information about the surface of the earth. This data is freely available from the environment agency but has to be analysed via computer in order to generate the 3D mapping that we have created for this website.

This page will be updated to show a number of our LIDAR maps for the area that we use in our research.

The 3D map shows Tottington Lower End boundary overlying the LIDAR map for the area.

These maps are zoomable by using the scroll wheel on a mouse or by holding down SHIFT, CTRL and ALT keys and pressing the UP and DOWN keys. The TILT of the map can be changed by holding down the LEFT mouse button and moving the mouse or by holding down SHIFT and using the UP and DOWN keys. To move the map hold down the RIGHT mouse button and move the mouse or use the ARROW keys on the keyboard.

It is possible to add an animation to the map by clicking on the point of the map that you wish to rotate around to place a pin. A box will open with the option to orbit around the pin. To stop the animation press ESC. The map is interactive etc while the map is rotating.

All maps will open in a new TAB in your browser.

3D Boundary Map

An interactive 3D map showing Tottington Lower End boundary over the LIDAR imagery of the area.