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Children's Trail

Join Holly the Holcombe hedgehog on a walk of discovery in the Holcombe Valley. Beginning at the car park on Lumb Carr Road, this leaflet details a 2.5km route which looks at some of the historical features. It can be downloaded and printed off at home. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to download the leaflet.




By Marjorie Nuttall

Written in 1944, but rediscovered recently and published by Holcombe Moor Heritage Group with kind permission from the author‘s family, Ridgeways is an enchanting and nostalgic read. The booklet chronicles the ownership of a cottage on the Ridge in the Holcombe Valley, which was used as a weekend retreat in the 1940s. The 48 page booklet, which includes some coloured photographs, costs £5 with £2 postage and packing if required.

To order a copy of this book, please email hmhg_chair@btinternet.com and further details will be sent to you about how to place an order. 

Pilgrim’s Way from Whalley to Lichfield

Saxons on Holcombe Moor and the Mystery of Pilgrims’ Cross

This publication tries to unravel the mystery of where pilgrims were going as they crossed  Holcombe Moor in 1176, guided by Pilgrims’ Cross.

In Saxon times, an era of prolific pilgrimages, St. Mary and All Saints Church Whalley was in the diocese of Lichfield.  The book looks at a possible route those pilgrims took from Whalley to Lichfield, including information on places and churches they may have visited on the way.

Full details with photos of the 36 mile countryside/greenway route between the church at Whalley and Manchester Cathedral are given at the end of the book. The booklet costs £5, with £2 postage and packing if required. 

To order a copy of this book, please email hmhg_chair@btinternet.com and further details will be sent to you about how to place an order. 

Alternatively the books are on sale at the Hub Tearoom in Greenmount and the Village Butcher in Tottington, costing £5 each. 

Stoops, Hogholes and Dry Stone Walls in the Holcombe Valley

This booklet is the result of our completed survey of the dry stone wall features in the valley. It includes photographs and descriptions of many of the different kinds of walls, wells, vaccary walls and stoops. There is also a suggested walk in the valley to look at examples of the different features, beginning in Holcombe Village. The booklet costs £2.50, plus 70p postage and packing if required. 

Cinder Hill Engine House Archaeological Report

The excavation report from our recent five year project, revealing a late 18th century textile spinning mill in the Holcombe Valley. The report includes a detailed description of the excavation, analysis of the finds from the dig and a conclusion showing the evolution of the site as it changed over time. The 80 page report costs £5, plus £2 postage and packing if required.

Holcombe Snippets

Holcombe Moor Heritage Group has been researching the history of Holcombe Moor and Holcombe valley since 2005. During that time the Group has uncovered many interesting facts, information and stories. Holcombe Snippets is a collection of some of these pieces of information in bite-sized chunks. The booklet costs £2.50, plus 70p postage and packing if required.

To order a paper version of a publication please email hmhg_chair@btinternet.com, stating which publication you require. Details will then be sent to you about how to pay for the publication.

All our publications, except Pilgrims’ Way from Whalley to Lichfield, are available to purchase as e-books from Amazon at a lower price than the paper versions. They can be read using the Kindle app which can be downloaded onto your device for free. Click on the link below to see the books on Amazon. 




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